Job vacancy

Job vacancies at AFDP – 4 Various Posts

Job vacancies Prime Minister’s Office invites dynamics and suitable qualified Tanzanians to fill various posts in Coordination Unit of Agriculture and Fisheries Development Programme- AFDP as mentioned below: 1. FINANCE… Read more
Philosophy quotes

100 Greatest philosophy quotes of all time

What are the greatest philosophy quotes of all time? Which ones are the most important? (by Matshona Dhliwayo) 100 Philosophy Quotes 1. “Life is a pearl whose oyster is eternity.” 2.… Read more
African philosophy

100 Best African Philosophy Quotes

Best 100 African Philosophy Quotes (by Matshona Dhliwayo) These are the best and interesting African philosophy quotes to know. Read one by one to the end and learn from the powerful minds… Read more
UDSM online Admission

Admission UDSM – Online Application 2021/22

University of Dar es Salaam Online Application 2021/2022 (Apply), UDSM Online Application, UDSM Online Admission System (OAS). Find out University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) Online Application for Postgraduate, undergraduate,… Read more
Sugar cane juice

5 Benefits Of Sugarcane Juice – Medicinal And Health

Sugarcane is a tropical grass that is cultivated around the world to produce refined sugar, sugarcane juice, and medicinal products for a range of illnesses. Many types of sugar products… Read more
Benefit of honey

11 Benefits of Using Honey for Your Eyes

Honey is one of the common sweeteners used in every household. But did you know honey can be an excellent remedy for your eyes? Yes! Honey is a perfect replacement… Read more
Easy tips to lose weight

16 Simple Tips to Lose Weight: No Dieting

Eating all the delicious food you crave without having to gain weight or even an inch of fat is a dream for everyone. But unfortunately, many of us will have… Read more
Benefits of mango seeds

3 Mango Seeds Benefits: Health and beauty

Mango is known to have a lot of health benefits and its seed, flower, and bark have numerous health benefits as well. The seed of the mango, also known as… Read more
Mango seed benefits

12 Mango Seeds Benefits For Skin, Hair & Health

Have you ever heard of a Mango-hater in this world? Not even possible in the dreams, right? Mango is the “King Of Fruits” and has enthralled many generations with its… Read more
Udom admission entry

UDOM: Admission and Entry Requirements 2021/22

Udom no Welcome to the Directorate of Undergraduate Studies (DUS). UDOM is a comprehensive university offering study programmes in a broad range of fields. The vision of the university is… Read more
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