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We are going to share a huge collection of whatsapp group links list 2021 and all of you like it. It took lots of time and hard work to compile this list from various forums, WhatsApp groups and blogs. For international groups scroll down 

Tanzanian group links.

Mahaba niue Jiunge
Real  Jiunge
Jinsi ya kuwa na Mashine kubwa Jiunge
Tuma vitu Jiunge
Motomoto Jiunge
No stress Jiunge
Mapenzi mubasharaaa Jiunge
Biashara yoyote JIUNGE
Mapenzi mpaka chooni Jiunge
Mwanzo mwisho Jiunge
Mapenzi tamu Jiunge
Utamu wa apple Jiunge
Kutana na kungwi Jiunge
Chumbani na maunoo Jiunge
Unayempeda hakupendi kwanini Jiunge
Furaha ya moyo JIUNGE
Chomoa kidogo Jiunge
Utamu wa chumban Jiunge
Masham sham Jiunge
Furaha ya moyo Jiunge
Nataka tango Jiunge
Mautam group Jiunge
Za kibongo Jiunge
Hisia za mapenzi Jiunge
Ingiza kitu Jiunge
Tuma chochote Jiunge
K tamu Jiunge
Love zone Jiunge
Mfate inbox Jiunge
Nyimbo za mapenzi Jiunge
Maduka ya kununua mtandaoni Jiunge
Mambo matamu Jiunge
Join Jiunge
Madem wa kibongo Jiunge
Wakubwa Tu Jiunge
True Love Jiunge
Love Songs Jiunge



You can join on all the groups without the admin permission, you just need to click on below given link and you will directly join the groups. Whatsapp is the most popular social massaging App in the world and everyone is using it and addicted on it for chatting, groups chat, voice, video calling.  Click here to join English learning groups

Group name Join 
Friends forever Link
6 Link
Just tap to join  Link
Just join Link
Join group Link
Desi real 6 Link
Old ladies  Link
Love pr Link
Only vidz Link
Sek 6 Link
Zone 6 Link
Just join Link
Actress pr 6 Link
Live Link
Dating USA Link
6 girls Link
Tamil 6 Link
Send pr Link
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