100 Greatest philosophy quotes of all time

What are the greatest philosophy quotes of all time? Which ones are the most important? (by Matshona Dhliwayo)

100 Philosophy Quotes

1. “Life is a pearl whose oyster is eternity.”

2. “Life is a river, eternity is an ocean.”

3. “Yesterday is dead, today is living, and tomorrow is in the womb.”

4. “As you age, days quickly become weeks, weeks swiftly become months, months rapidly become years.”

5. “Death offers you thorns, eternity offers you roses, and life offers you both.”

6. “Life is the servant of death. Death is the servant of life.”

7. “Reality is the bridge between time and fate.”

8. “The finite hides in everyone. The infinite hides in itself.”

9. “Time is the beginning of fate. Fate is the beginning of time.”

10. “The past is an eternal disciple of the future.”

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11. “The end is determined from the beginning. The beginning is determined from the end.”

12. “Fate turns the wheels of time. Time turns the wheels of fate.”

13. “The living are greater than the dead. The dead are wiser than the living. The immortal are happier than both.”

14. “Those who learn know. Those who know learn.”

15. “Learn for today. Teach for tomorrow.”

16. “Time cannot keep its secrets from fate. Fate cannot keep its secrets from time.”

17. “Live and you will learn. Learn and you will live.”

18. “Listen as much as you can. Learn as much as you should.”

19. “Perception changes what you see. Experience changes what you feel. Reality changes what you experience.”

20. “Thoughts determine your speech. Desires determine your actions. Experiences determine your fate. Actions determine your destiny.”

21. “Reflect when you can. Ponder when you ought. Reason when you must. Act when you should.”

22. “The mind is everything; you go no higher than what you put into it.”

23. “When the mind is full of ignorance, it is empty. When the mind is devoid of arrogance, it is full.”

24. “A thought can lift a mind. A desire can soothe a heart. An experience can heal a soul. An action can help a life.”

25. “Natural laws govern the world, spiritual laws govern the heavens. Together they govern the universe.”

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26. “The world’s greatest sanctuary is the human mind. The universe’s greatest temple is the human soul.”

27. “Life is the world’s first university. Experience is the world’s first professor.”

28. “Books are the world’s greatest teacher. Life is the world’s greatest university.”

29. “Truth is teacher. Curiosity is a student. Understanding is a professor. Reason is a sage.”

30. “A teacher must be greater than his students. A student must aspire to be greater than his teacher.”

31. “Learning is the highest form of teaching. Teaching is the highest form of learning.”

32. “The truth you seek for others you find for yourself.”

33. “In theory reason is only intelligence. In application, it is wisdom.”

34. “It is the mind which gives a warrior his strength, not his spear.”

35. “Reason cannot swim in shallow minds. Logic cannot drown in deep minds.”

36. “Truth is the highest heaven. Ignorance is the highest hell.”

37. “The wise owe their privileges to the foolish. The learned owe their privileges to the unlearned. The literate owe their privileges to the illiterate.”

38. “Truth lives next door to virtue.”

39. “Truth is virtue in a cloak.”

40. “Never run from truth, it will always overtake you.”

41. “Learn to teach. Teach to learn.”

42. “Declare war on ignorance, not the ignorant.”

43. “Learn what to master. Master what you learn.”

44. “You cannot know nothing or everything, you can only know some things.”

45. “Never judge a truth by the opinion of lies.”

46. “Opinion is the destiny of assumption.”

47. “Learning from reason is the short road. Learning from ignorance is the long one.”

48. “Cunning will get you what you want. Integrity will get you what you need.”

49. “Questions invite answers. Answers invite more questions.”

Philosophy quotes

50. “Hatred of ignorance is nobler than fear of truth.”

51. “Truth sees you as you are, now see truth as it is.”

52. “Ignorance hides in darkness, truth hides in light.”

53. “The finite is born knowing it will rule the world, the infinite is born knowing it will rule the universe.”

54. “Knowledge is the eldest daughter of wisdom.”

55. “Wisdom is a hammer, knowledge is the nail.”

56. “Reason is the trophy for your intelligence.”

57. “If there is a dispute between the mind and the heart, the mind should win.”

58. “Reason holds greater power than emotion.”

59. “Asking questions is prudence. Answering questions is intelligence. Asking and answering questions is resourcefulness.”

60. “Every problem has a solution. Every question has an answer. Every riddle has an explanation. Every equation has a result.”

61. “A good question is the shortcut to a great answer. A good answer is the shortcut to a great question.”

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62. “Accepted lies are inferior to despised truths.”

63. “Senseless truths are better than shrewd lies.”

64. “Never force your opinion on others.”

65. “Never complain about things you cannot change.”

66. “Truth sees with its eyes closed, ignorance is blind with its eyes open.”

67. “Silence is the beginning of wisdom.”

68. “Speech is intelligent, silence is wise.”

69. “Learning how to speak is intelligence. Learning how to remain silent is wisdom.”

70. “You graduate with a degree from university, you graduate with wisdom from life.”

71. “Pain teaches you the true value of pleasure.”

72. “Pleasure is my religion. Experience is my priest. Desire is my temple. Life is my heaven.”

73. “Virtue + Wisdom + Love = Enlightenment”

74. “True Power = Brain Power + Heart Power + Soul Power”

75. “Desire is like an ocean; vast, and without end.”

76. “Love = Mental Desire + Emotional Desire + Spiritual Desire”

77. “Live to love and you will love to live.”

78. “You cannot kill what is already dead or give birth to what is already living.”

79. “The dead cannot preach to the living. The living cannot preach to the dead.”

80. “A short life is better than a long death.”

81. “Life is a marathon, not a hundred meter dash.”

82. “Never build bridges you don’t need to cross.”

83. “Never poison a well, even if it belongs to your enemy.”

84. “If you jump into a fire, your shadow alone is brave enough to follow you.”

85. “Don’t water anything you don’t want to grow in your life.”

86. “If you have a sea of regrets, you will drown in them.”

87. “Bait is only valuable if the fish want it.”

88. “A thief cannot steal from an empty house. An empty house cannot invite a thief.”

89. “One who cannot fly must not blame the sky.”

90. “If you build castles in the air, you will not be able to live inside of them.”

91. “One fish in your net is better than a thousand in the ocean.”

92. “Time is a slave to fate. Fate is a slave to time.”

93. “Life cannot hide from death. Death cannot hide from life.”

94. “Truth is the door to reality. Reality is the door to truth.”

95. “Life is a seed whose roots cannot be plucked from immortality.”

96. “Be wise as a fox. Be strong as a bull. Be harmless as a dove.”

97. “You don’t have to be old to be a teacher, nor do you have to be young to be a student.”

98. “Life is the bridg e between reality and experience.”

99. “You become what you are. You are what you become. ”

100. “Your dreams are ink; reality is the canvas, your actions are the paintbrush; paint masterpieces.”

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