100 Best African Philosophy Quotes

Best 100 African Philosophy Quotes (by Matshona Dhliwayo)

These are the best and interesting African philosophy quotes to know. Read one by one to the end and learn from the powerful minds of the great African philosophers

Best 100 African Philosophy Quotes

1. “No distance can truly separate you from yourself.”

2. “What you seek for others you find for yourself.”

3. “The most important person you meet in life is your higher self.”

4. “Your humanity is a down payment on your divinity.”

5. “The higher you is in an eternal struggle with the lower you.”

6. “Truth is awake, even when its eyes are shut.”

7. “If you point to truth, all the short sighted will see is your finger.”

8. “Raise your love so high that anger cannot reach it.”

9. “Hatred quits when it is tired, love quits when it has won.”

10. “Generosity is inverted prosperity.”

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11. “Anger is mortal, mercy is divine.”

12. “You are a god trapped in human skin, love alone can release you.”

13. “The world is full of angels; if you can’t find one, be one.”

14. “To hate is human, to love is divine.”

15. “You can curse the dark or you can turn the light on.”

16. “Light changes form but never dies.”

17. “Love is loud; the soul hears it, even if the universe is deaf.”

18. “Raise your love, drop your fear.”

19. “The power of love is eternally greater than the love of power.”

20. “Believe in love, not religion.”

21. “Hate ignorance, not the ignorant.”

22. “To destroy, hate. To build, love.”

23. “Intelligence is intellectual oxygen; without it, the mind dies.”

24. “Only fools are born wise.”

25. “Truth is thick-skinned, no arrow can pierce it.”

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26. “Truth is born virtuous, knowledge is born wise.”

27. “Ignorance reveals our humanity, love announces our divinity.”

28. “The world’s deepest place is not the ocean, but the human heart.”

29. “God is the distance between light and darkness.”

30. “Truth is the bridge between illusion and reality.”

31. “It is light that lets us know we have shadows.”

32. “It is impossible to fill a broken vessel.”

33. “The world hides in darkness, the universe hides in light.”

34. “Love who you are, not who you are not.”

35. “Truth is blind despite the world’s attempt to give it eyes.”

36. “Love is spiritual oxygen; without it, the soul dies.”

37. “It is easier to melt a heart made of butter than a soul made of stone.”

38. “It is better to see through one eye than to hear through two ears.”

39. “Life’s key opens death’s door.”

40. “An ounce of reality is greater than a pound of fantasy.”

41. “Ignorance hides in darkness; wisdom hides in light.”

42. “It takes greater wisdom to build a hut than to destroy a mansion.”

43. “Hatred of darkness is nobler than fear of light.”

44. “Health is greater than wealth.”

45. “Throwing a candle in the dark does not diminish its light.”

46. “It is better to be hated for your virtues than to be loved for your vices.”

47. “Giving is the spiritual secret to receiving.”

48. “It is easier to die a natural death than to rise from a spiritual one.”

49. “Virtue + Wisdom + Love = Enlightenment”

50. “Truth is straight like a line. Virtue is firm like a wall. Wisdom is tall like a mountain. Love is wide like an ocean.”

African philosophy

51. “It is better to listen to your heart than to ignore your conscience.”

52. “If you throw a stone into the ocean, it will reach the bottom; if you throw a word into someone’s heart, it will reach their soul.”

53. “It is easier to forgive yourself of a thousand misdeeds than to forgive your enemy of one.”

54. “Love is the center of the universe, truth is its circumference.”

55. “The lesser of two evils is for the intelligent, the higher of two virtues is for the wise.”

56. “The distance between two points of light is infinite.”

57. “Love is a universal Heaven, ignorance is an individual Hell.”

58. “Love is your church, love is your religion, love is your higher power.”

59. “Natural Laws + Spiritual Laws = Universal Laws”

60. “What is true exercises authority over what is false.”

61. “The distance between your mind and reality is perception.”

62. “Time is a river that flows out of the eternity’s ocean.”

63. “The world’s most gracious plant is a flower; even when you trample it, it perfumes your feet.”

64. “The weaknesses of virtue are better than the strengths of vice.”

65. “Wisdom = Natural Intelligence + Spiritual Intelligence.”

66. “Maximize your virtues. Minimize your vices.”

67. “Love is black. Love is white. Love is brown. Love is humanity.”

68. “The world says fall in love, but the universe says rise in love.”

69. “Love knows the way, love shows the way, love goes the way, love is the way.”

70. “Embrace all. Help some. Trust few. Harm none.”

71. “One who conquers himself cannot be conquered by anyone.”

72. “The heart is a classroom. The soul is a teacher. The mind is a student. Life is the exam.”

73. “You meet your higher self the day you turn your back on your lower self.”

74. “Be the light the world would follow.”

75. “The universe is all around you, but its greater dimensions are within you.”

76. “A slave is one who sells his soul to save his life. A master is one who gives his life to save his soul.”

77. “The greatest deed you can do for anyone is not free them from pain or hunger, but from ignorance.”

78. “One who is asleep cannot open the eyes of one who is awake.”

79. “Mind power + Heart power + Soul power = Extraordinary spiritual power”

80. “Never blow out anyone’s candle or you’ll both end up in the dark.”

81. “The flames of ignorance are hotter than the fires of hell.”

82. “Ignore what a man is willing to fight for, watch closely what he’s willing to die for.”

83. “The heart of luck is in the hand of fate.”

84. “A thief who promises you the world is no better than a saint who denies you the universe.”

85. “When someone’s eats from your hand they are letting the whole world know that you can trust them.”

86. “Your mind may age, but your heart must remain young.”

87. “Whomever you hate has as much power over you as whomever you love.”

88. “It is better to be in the company of intelligent enemies than senseless friends.”

89. “You don’t have to be in chains to be a slave.”

90. “If you put a bird in a cage, it will only fly out if it believes it deserves to be free.”

91. “One who accepts truth is greater than one who rejects lies.”

92. “Needs are higher than wants.”

93. “Truth is wiser than reality.”

94. “A moment with the wise is better than a lifetime with the ignorant.”

95. “An ounce of truth is better than a pound of speculation.”

96. “Nature is the mother of intelligence.”

97. “A shadow cannot keep its secrets from light.”

98. “If you fish and catch nothing, you have caught a lesson.”

99. “Don’t hate the world for what it is, embrace it for what it can be.”

100. “To change the world start by changing yourself.”

Hope you learned something new from the great African philosophy quotes.

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